Has the power to corrupt EVERY THING!!

his brother Lookeecby work together to kill all.

He tend's to eat Spaghetti, Toast & Bagel's.

is the main character of the Thoopir murkekow brobkirs. series and the Mitten kitten studio's primary mascot.

He is friend's with Bakekow.

His nephew's are Mordo and Meenaleegee

His suns are Mawiidoh and Laigy

His wife is Pransah Pweiach

His imposting clone is Lurkekow

Fun Fact Edit

He look's like the mask koopa's in super mario world. He also invented the virus.

He tried to kill Wurkekow but all he did was hacked Wurkekow's smw rom.

known forms Edit





So many forms!

Thing's he did Edit

Hacked smw about 900. time's.

Glitched sprites in people's smw hack's.

Added a corrupting code on many hacking tool's

do you know Edit

Murkekows name origin

where his name come's from

  • that Murkekow was based off of a Mask Koopa from SMW?
  • that he dont have legs or shoulder?
  • that his name comes from a glitches typo of "Murky Mario"

Toon Form Edit

Toon murkekow 3

he is with Tigy,he is partners with Lookeecby and Weegkow,see?,he is Catzii,not Nazi,so,STFU,Wire Sponge

things he hates Edit

  • Pokemon (he even made an anti-Pokemon Gang)
  • MLP
  • dead fads
  • Tanic
  • Memy and friends
  • being called Murkycow,Murkeow or any other stupid name (thoose insults are old and unfunny

things he is not Edit

  • a Peenuhz (he just dont have too many parts of his body)
  • a recolor (he was based off of a Blue Mask Koopa from SMW and thats why he is blue,you can even ask him)
  • a Fakegee or a Weegee (he have a fad,so STFU,Notnue)
  • a brony (he hates MLP:FIM)
  • a Warren Cook fan (warren cook is a memy fag, he hates memy9909)
  • a Memy fan (he hates memy9909)
Everyone listen00:54

Everyone listen

A Message From Murkekow

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